"Ruth has had an incredibly positive effect on correcting my posture, increasing flexibility and improving my level of fitness. She is highly knowledgeable, motivational and lives in the real world! The best testimonial; I’ve been seeing Ruth for 3 years and have no plans to stop" Jace Quick

Postural Correction

Posture CorrectionGood posture not only affects the way we look and feel but also passes on many health benefits; bad posture is storing up a problem for the future.

When your posture is correct your muscles, joints bones and organs are all where they are supposed to be. They allow the body to move and function correctly. Improper posture leads to unnecessary strain on the body which, either now or in the future, can cause a problem such as shoulder, knee or back pain.

Poor posture is very common today often caused by poor position or too much time in the car, on the laptop, playing a particular sport or sitting on the sofa!

As a Rehab Master Trainer I have the skills and experience to assess and correct any postural imbalances, which may be starting to lead to problems.

After an initial assessment I will construct a programme for you that realigns your muscles to hold the body in its optimum position. Much of this realignment work can be done on your own at home if necessary, but will reap huge rewards in terms of your fitness, wellbeing and confidence.

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