"I found Ruth after being diagnosed with serious back and pelvic floor issues.  Ruth has not only been able to sort out both my back and pelvic floor but my physical fitness has never been higher.  I look forward to our sessions and credit Ruth completely with my recovery…”  Amy Norman

Rehabilitation From Injury

Sports Injury Rehab Following an injury I will conduct a screening to assess the severity of the problem. High risk injuries will need to be seen by a Physiotherapist or other specialist before coming back to me when I fill the gap between their vital role and full functional fitness with a corrective exercise programme. For low level injuries I can construct a progressive programme of exercises at the local and global muscle level to get you back to pre-injury level, or beyond, as quickly as possible. This is the best way of preventing re-injury and ensuring no other problems arise due to the body’s compensatory movement patterns during the injured period.

I have regular referrals from local specialists in Cheltenham and around Gloucestershire, including Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Consultants. Whether your injury is an ankle sprain ACL tear or full hip replacement I can help.

Rehabilitation Master

By working with your specialist I can ensure your recovery is both swift and thorough. As a qualified Rehab Master I have dealt with high-level athletes as well the less fit and can rehabilitate injuries from Tennis Elbow or ankle sprains to knee replacements or Frozen Shoulders.

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